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Fabricator Bench

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Finding a place to sit can be a challenge in any shop. Finding a place to sit AND work can be impossible.

The Fabricator Bench from Bad Idea is unlike any shop stool you've seen before. Precision cut from 3/16" steel, the bench is sturdy enough to function as a heavy-duty shop stand and a mobile tool cart.

The elevated partitions on either side of the bench each offer 215 square inches of work space or tool storage. Partitioned dividers bolt securely to the frame to organize tools and parts and to prevent items from rolling off while moving the bench.

The heavy-duty casters keep you mobile throughout your shop leaving your tools and gear within easy reach at all times.

Like the Tool Tower, the bench features precision cut slots on the side panels to bolt the 1/8" steel tool hangers to. They will also work with regular peg board style holders available at most hardware stores.

The natural steel finish is hand-oiled to protect from rust and corrosion while leaving behind a durable finish that can be easily maintained for a lifetime of service.