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Swing Arc Welder Boom

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The Swing Arc Wall Mounted Welder Boom mounts securely to metal I-beam or other suitable structure allowing you to have your welder or plasma cutter at the ready whenever or wherever you need it.

Increase shop safety and make the tools you need immediately accessible using the Swing Arc Welder Boom. Mounting your welder on the Swing Arc allows you to securely store your welding gas tanks to the wall eliminating the need to roll dangerous and heavy tanks throughout the shop while working.

Eliminate dangerous trip hazards from air hoses and electrical cords by routing them inside the boom arm keeping them safely overhead. No more rolling heavy welding carts over your expensive extension cords!

Save time and frustration when maneuvering around crowded shops or large projects. With the Swing Arc Welder Boom you can quickly and easily swing your welder into position above any project for a safe and comfortable working position.

The integrated adjustable peg board on the back keeps the tools you need the most at arms length as you move around the shop with your welder. Wire cutters, wrenches, hammers, and welding masks fit easily for quick access. The built-in air hose quick connect makes compressed air conveniently available without having to run hose across the floor.

The grounding wire extension cord allows you to easily ground your workpiece in one spot freeing you to quickly work around the piece without stopping to move the clamp each time you change position.